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Dexter Clarke (b. 1996) 

A self-taught artist working in British Columbia Canada.

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Dexter has a keen eye for the intricate details in art. From a young age, Dexter found himself fascinated by the subtle elements that often go unnoticed, which inspired him to pursue a career in art. Over the years, he has dedicated countless hours to honing his craft, primarily working with graphite and charcoal, mediums that allow him to express a wide range of textures and emotions.

Dexter occasionally incorporates oil colors into his work, adding a vibrant dimension that brings his images to life. His pieces are known for their meticulous detail and the emotional depth they convey, inviting viewers to pause and explore the layers of meaning within. He strives to create works that not only capture the eye but also engage the mind, pulling viewers into a narrative that encourages them to question and appreciate the beauty in his works.

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