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Find answers to commonly asked questions regarding our limited edition art prints. Discover details about print quality, edition limits, availability, and more

What is a Print?

Fine art prints are high-quality reproductions of original artworks created through techniques like giclée printing. Using archival-grade papers or canvas and pigment-based inks, giclée prints offer exceptional color accuracy, clarity, and longevity.

How much will a print cost me?

Each print has a standardized price based on its size. Shipping is also charged upon checkout for either domestic (Canada) or international shipments.

Please note that the cost of any import fees associated with your art purchase is payable by you, the customer, as import costs vary by country. Customs duties, taxes, and other charges are determined by your country's customs regulations. To avoid any surprises, kindly familiarize yourself with these regulations. Thank you for your understanding.

Avaiablilty of Prints?

The prints available for purchase are limited to 50 copies each. Once sold out, the print will not be reprinted. If you're interested in the original artwork, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

How does Pre-order work?

When you place a pre-order for a print, it will be created and readied for shipment within 3 weeks. The original quantity of 50 prints will remain limited, and once exhausted, reprints will not be made.

What do I recieve with my print?

Upon purchasing a print, you'll receive a Certificate of Authenticity, signed and numbered, along with a corresponding hand written signature and number on the print itself.

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